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eBooks on demand


Welcome to a special section of The Digital Library of Slovenia. Here you can search and order electronic versions (PDF) of copyright free books, as well as some out of print books from our collection online through the EOD service. As from August 2010, you can also order reprints of these books (POD-Print on Demand).

The materials available through this service comprise all monographic publications from the National and University Library of Slovenia holdings, published between 1500 and 1945.

You can search books by their author, title, subject, publication year, publisherand order them by clicking the EOD icon right in the bibliographic record. 

See the pricelist and the general terms and conditions.

is a new service which provides books on request in electronic and reprinted form. The network of libraries offering this service comprises 30 European institutions from 12 countries!

  • example of EOD book in PDF format

Learn more: http://www.books2ebooks.eu/

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